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What is Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)?

RTT combines the most effective, scientific, and proven components of hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), CBT (Cognitive Behaviors Psychology) and psychotherapy to create extraordinary results. RTT was developed by world-renowned hypnotherapist Marisa Peer after a 30-year career in which she helped thousands of people worldwide to overcome their personal issues. 


Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is an extremely fast and very effective therapy that brings you to the root cause of issues and enables a subconscious level of understanding that sets you free from old, self-sabotage beliefs and unwanted patterns and behaviors. RTT involves clinical hypnotherapy and uses deep brain rewiring techniques, if you have a physical, mental or other health issues that you cannot seem to shift, then RTT is definitely for you and will bring you the freedom you desire.

How can RTT Help?

RTT can help you identify the core issue; I help to guide and support you along the way to open the subconscious vault where all of life's memories and stories are stored and kept even if you can't remember them on a conscious level. RTT uses regression to find the root cause so the healing can begin, and you can create a lasting transformation in your life. RTT therapy has a 93% success rate and when your truly committed and ready for change I help you safely and compassionately revisit those old memories from your past that hold you back so you can be set free once and for all from the negative beliefs that are causing unwanted behaviors, so those repeating patterns can stop for good, and you can live a life of purpose where the past no longer affects your present life.


Knowledge is powerful, especially from a deep subconscious level, where lasting healing can begin. 

The internal voice we use comes from our very ‘busy’ Beta Brain waves that frequently dominate our brain activity and come from the logical hemisphere of our brain and it drives your conscious thinking. It can serve a good purpose when you need to think quickly or are in need to finding quick solutions to problems but needing to have a flight and fight response going on in your brain so often can be exhausting. We wouldn't be able to go sleep if our mind stayed in this brain wave, so it switches down a few notches to another set of thinking brain waves called Tetra. Which are much slower. More determined and are responsible for REM – Rapid Eye Movement and that early stage of falling sleep. Its brilliant for being innovative when you are in Tetra brain waves you feel relaxed, but giving you good intuition and problem-solving abilities. This is where the Aha moments are stored.

So this is exactly where hypnosis takes you. By relaxing in a meditative state and being gently guided by me you will have understanding and the ability to guide your tetra brain waves and you can tap into this, with a goal and outcome in mind by tapping into your creativity and be solution based and focused to have the outcome you desire and want.

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