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Heal your emotions to help heal your body.

Our bodies can absolutely feel the effects of the state of our mental health. Our body will react with an array of symptoms when we get triggered, feel stress, or feel a state of fight or flight. When we bottle up emotions and have poor or restricted outlets to express our emotions, it can cause our bodies to have disease and start to break down. Also, When we use coping mechanisms to deal with stress and feelings of unworthiness like binge eating, alcohol, and or drugs, to name a few, it also then can cause our body to pay the price again with trying to cope not only with the negative emotions but now with the overuse of alcohol, the unhealthy eating, extra weight, and the drugs you consume either prescription drugs or street drugs. All systems must work and function together for our bodies to work optimally. Healthy outlets for working through issues that arise and healthy ways to keep your mental health in check are essential. Looking only for help with the symptoms that arise is like putting a bandaid on; it never gets you to the cause, to the root of the issue. Listen to the whispers your body tells you before it starts to scream, and then the damage could be irreversible. Our bodies and minds are interconnected, and it's important to look at both for optimal healing for our peace and mental health.

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