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Love and Relationships

People worldwide are craving connection. Being single and looking for love is an amazing opportunity to double down on your self-alignment and desires. It is essential to be very clear about your intentions for the next relationship so you can choose the right person for your life. To fully know that you are loveable, enough, worthy, and deserving of love, and if those are hard to say to yourself, that is what needs to be healed. To find a relationship that will flourish, it is essential to heal those inner aspects of ourselves that we don't want to look at. To begin a relationship as the healthiest version of yourself will help you choose the right person for the right reasons. To stop those repeated patterns that keep showing up in your life and to heal once and for all—knowing what you want to create, being excited about it, and knowing that you are worthy of it is a recipe for success.

If you are already in a relationship, keeping it fresh and flourishing is essential. Are you both committed to personal growth? If your relationship is out of comfort, you accept it is what it is. Well, it's easy, so I'll go with it. These are often thoughts people have. Relationships can become stagnant and dull when they are just out of comfort.

To spice up your relationship, have regular date nights that are always different so they don't get boring. Date night ideas can include physical activities and personal growth; try something you've never done before and mix it up. Taking turns planning date nights and experiencing each other's passions can keep it interesting and help you reconnect with each other. Have regular check-ins. I like to call them love meetings. Talk and share about things that need to be talked about and things that went unsaid, and clear the air of anything that got you out of alignment because sweeping everything under the rug will eventually have a mountain of resentment between you and your partner.

You can create and change anything with commitment, desire, focus and dedication.

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