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There was a point in my life where I felt despair, low self-worth, fearful, anxious, and full of insecurities.  I was lost. I did not know what to do but I knew that something needed to change.  I was beyond desperate.  I was in a broken marriage, and my emotional state was fragile.

I had gone to therapy on my own over the years and also spent time in couple's therapy.  I had over 40 sessions with my therapist, but my reality was the same, nothing had changed.  It made me feel like I was revisiting the hurt in every session, and I just kept replaying and reliving the same negative circumstances.  In over 50 hours of therapy and 10k later I had spent my time crying and releasing while my feelings of low confidence, low self-worth, fearfulness, and anxiety still lived with me, the endless cycle was exhausting.

I went seeking a new outlet for the tools I needed, a search led me to where I met my spiritual teacher, this is the point where things changed.  She introduced me to a deep spiritual practice called Qi gong which helped calm and empower me and to make even more changes in my life. The next change was to tackle the issues that had been ingrained in me and where the root of my recurring emotional pain lived.  It was then that I was introduced to Marisa Peer and RTT.   When I studied her teachings, I learned how you can take control of your life and break the patterns that are causing the repeating negative situations. I began to realize the scars of being raised by an alcoholic parent and living on this earth being what other people thought I should be were all choices and burdens that I decided to carry. No more. 

 Our human story is our programming that comes from our traumas and our past and what others have told us about ourselves, but it doesn't have to be our story.

Once I learned and applied the tools RTT gave to me my life changed drastically.  For the first time I had a true understanding of how my life had been repeating itself and I realized how I had been making my decisions based on the predictable and hurtful past.  

Once I was able to construct the life that I wanted to live and not the life that had been programmed for me to live things changed completely.  I made decisions differently and as a result kept getting different outcomes that benefited my life and changed the course I was on.

I went from not feeling like I was enough to an empowered woman that could not only change my situation but help others.  

With my newfound ability and skills to work through issues by using the tools RTT gives to us I decided to help others by becoming a certified RTT therapist.  My life long calling to help and care for others came into fruition by creating Soulful Life Therapy.   My past had connected me with people that were struggling with alcoholism, addictions of all kinds, bitter divorce, years of infidelity and abuse.  The afflictions of others had been the root of not all but some of my emotional issues.  Once I gained the tools, skill sets and knowledge to successfully move past the triggers that would have caused the same repeating unwanted emotions and responses to the situation I became so passionate about helping others. 

I am charged with being the catalyst to help others transform their lives into the blissful state that EVERYONE deserves. 

I will empower you to be bold and to let go of your hurtful past to clear a path for a beautiful, peaceful existence and future.


Our Mission

When facing an overwhelming emotional experience, so many people feel lost, isolated and alone. I build trust with my clients and provide a safe environment that will allow them to be open and dig into the root of their challenges without judgement.


Our mission is to empower each individual by guiding them along the journey of personal growth and change.

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