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To begin therapy, please first set up your free 30 minute discovery call. Let's get to know each other and discuss your goals and concerns. After your discovery call, please use your login to access our bookings page. 

Soulful Life Therapy Plan:

  1. First, schedule a free Discovery Call.

  2. When your discovery call is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email with an intake form. Please fill out the intake form.

  3. Your discovery call will be to summarize your intake form, discuss in detail the issue you’d like to focus on, and what you would like your outcome to be.

  4. After our discovery call, please create an account, confirm your email, and wait for account approval.

  5. Once your account approval, you will be able to schedule your first RTT session. During this session we will go deep into the subconscious and find the root cause of the presenting issue where you will get so much knowledge and personal insight. 

  6. As a part of your session, you will receive a personal empowering recording to listen to for 21 days for transformative results.

  7. After each RTT session you book, you will receive a 15 minute check-in call consultation.

  8. For extra support you may need after a session, book a 45 minute Coaching Session.

all sessions are online (virtual). Each session treats one issue at a time.

Request Discovery Call:

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30 Mins / Free

Discovery Call

For first time clients only


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Returning / Regular Clients


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Discounted Bookings

For clients who have purchased a Bundle only

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Long term options and plans for returning clients.

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