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Welcome to our Services page—a gateway to transformative healing. Explore tailored offerings from Discovery Calls to RTT sessions, guiding you toward profound insights, peace and mental health. Start your journey to wellness today.

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The Transformative Healing Journey

To begin therapy, schedule your complimentary 30-minute discovery call. Let's connect, delve into your goals, and address any concerns. Following your call, simply log in to access our bookings page.

Soulful Life Therapy Plan:

  1. Schedule Your Free Discovery Call: Begin your transformation by scheduling a complimentary Discovery Call.

  2. Complete Your Intake Form: Upon confirmation of your call, you'll receive an email with an intake form. Fill it out to provide us with valuable insights.

  3. Connect and Discuss: Your Discovery Call is an opportunity to summarize your form, discuss your concerns, and define your desired outcomes.

  4. Create Your Account: After the call, create your account, confirm your email, and await approval.

  5. Book Your RTT Session: Upon approval, schedule your first RTT session. Delve into your subconscious to unearth the underlying causes of your challenges, unlocking profound personal insights and discover the empowerment to facilitate transformative growth.

  6. Receive Your Personal Empowering Recording: With each session, receive a personalized recording to listen to for 21 days, fostering more spiritual health and mental health.

  7. Stay Connected: After each RTT session, receive a complimentary 15-minute check-in call for ongoing support and guidance.

  8. Opt for Additional Support: For extra assistance, book a 45-minute Coaching Session to further enhance your journey.

All sessions are online (virtual). Each session treats one issue at a time.

Booking Services

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30 Mins / Free

Discovery Call

For first time clients only

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Choose Services

Purchase & Book Individual RTT or Coaching Sessions

For New or Returning Clients (after completing initial Discovery Call)

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Choose Services

Discounted Bundled Bookings

For clients who have purchased a Bundle already. (You can purchase new bundles below.)

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Pricing Plans for Bundled Services

The discounted RTT service bundles not only offer 10% savings but also improved results through consecutive sessions.

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