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Creating the life you want.

Updated: May 6

What stories are you telling yourself? Are these stories still serving you? Would you be willing to tell yourself a new story? It's powerful when you do.

Here's why...

We create from our beliefs, the words we use, and our thoughts.

So... when we identify with a story that we tell that is no longer serving us

you can see that THAT story is creating our reality. If you believe you can't do something, it won't happen. If you say I can't find love or believe that, then that will be your reality. Whether we say it out loud or in our heads, it's a story we tell, which is our reality. If your core belief is that nothing good ever happens to you, the struggle will be your reality. If you tell yourself nothing works, then nothing will work. If you believe money is hard to get, then money will be hard to get. We can clearly see that the story you tell is shaping your reality.

So what do you do? You start by telling yourself another story or a "better lie." Completely ignore the old story and get passionate about the new one. You need to speak it and write it down. You don't need evidence; you just need faith and passion for the new story.

Looking at your reality can clearly show you what stories you're attached to. Make spiritual and mental health a priority today.

So, what stories are no longer serving you? What stories do you want to rewrite? Are you done with how it used to be?

Let's get passionate about our new story and rewrite the old one.

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