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Updated: Mar 19

Diane has helped me tremendously.  She was able, in just one session, to help me alleviate the emotional pain I was experiencing, which included suicidal ideation.  She was very comprehensive, insightful, caring, and dedicated.

I don’t think even in a year of working with another therapist; I would have achieved this level of mental health.

Diane is always very calm, which is very helpful to someone who has experienced trauma.  She does not rush me or judge me and creates a safe environment in which I can heal and grow.

Her hypnotherapy work is wonderfully effective.  If you really want results and not just “talk”, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

I am continuing to work with her after the first session because of the positive impact I achieved, and the further sessions have been equally effective in helping me with other struggles.  This has brought me hope that I can achieve the future that I want and to be no longer hindered by the disempowering past.  I am becoming happier and mentally much stronger.

Diane is a very lovely person to work with and I feel blessed to have found her.  I believe you will too.




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